Hardware solutions suited to industrial requirements

Our software solutions are hardware-independent and may be used with a variety of hardware devices to suit your operational needs and constraints.



ISAR Projection System

Able to project high definition images on large surfaces, the ISAR projection system is recommended for procedures requiring visualisation of complex and comprehensive data in real time on systems.

Designed for industrial use, it adapts to different platforms (tripods, pantographs, etc.) and delivers a high level of quality and security in a wide variety of use contexts.


Diota DO-Station

Boasting a flexible screen and camera, the DO-Station is particularly well-suited for use on large systems with or without real-time visualisation.

Offered in mobile and fixed formats for individual or group stations, the DO-Station provides great flexibility. 



Particularly well-adapted to work requiring numerous interactions with IT systems or high-quality graphical rendering.



DiotaHolder is a holder designed to allow you to comfortably and efficiently use tablets during digitally-assisted work sessions.

Designed to be practical and ergonomic in an industrial context, it allows users from all professions to adapt to and use the software.

DiotaHolder is equipped with an HD high-speed industrial camera and ensures a consistently high-quality experience in various work contexts. 


DiotaWand Controller

DiotaWand is a light and convenient handle equipped with an HD industrial camera. It offers flexibility and performance during digitally-assisted work sessions.

It allows you to make clear and fluid recordings in difficult-to-access areas or in situations where a high amount of mobility is required.

DiotaWand can easily be controlled by all types of users thanks to its intuitive control buttons that control DiotaPlayer



Especially well adapted to work requiring free hands and high graphics quality.

Learn more about DiotaPlayer for Hololens

DiotaPlayer for HoloLens brings the unique experience and functionality of DiotaPlayer to Microsoft HoloLens.

Watch the video | Learn more

DiotaSensor ONE

DiotaSensor ONE

DiotaSensor ONE is an autonomous control sensor specifically designed to offer great flexibility and control capability. Composed of several fields of perception, it allows several functionalities.


A wide field tracking camera allows to precisely locate the effector with respect to the part it controls.


For the inspection, a high-resolution camera with a reduced field of view allows to capture the details and to observe the elements very finely.

3D scan

A structured light stereo sensor complements the sensor's capabilities by digitizing the areas observed in 3D.


The whole is controlled by an industrial PC which manages the catch and the location of the effector directly at the end of the arm.


DiotaSensor FLEX

DiotaSensor FLEX is a sensor designed to allow fully customized configurations, developed by our teams in response to specific needs that can not be perfectly addressed by existing effectors. Depending on the use case, DiotaSensor FLEX allows :

  • to adapt the fields of view of the cameras to get a better visibility of the elements or to increase the resolution of details that need to be observed.
  • to have several complementary fields of view through embedded or fixed cameras.

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