Digital-field solutions for the industry


Assembly assistance. Quality control. We accompany industrial
companies in their digital transformation by expanding
the use of the digital mock-up to the operational field.

Our mission

Leveraging the digital in the field

Diota helps industrial companies enter a new era of digital transformation by expanding the use of the digital mock-up and associated digital processes from engineering spaces to operational sites in charge of production, maintenance and operation of manufactured products.

With our unique solution, we support operators in their assembly tasks and quality control operations. We enable the contextualization of work instructions, leveraging 4.0 technologies such as interactive 3D, augmented reality and artificial intelligence.

Our solution acquires valuable data on the field and bring it back in the digital mock-up all along the product life cycle, from its production up to the maintenance during its exploitation, to ensure traceability and feed the digital twin.

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Ensuring digital continuity

Diota builds bridges between engineering back-office and operational field to ensure digital continuity

Making the Industry 4.0 concept a reality

Diota helps you improve your industrial performance through innovative technologies extending the use of the digital mock-up to the operational field, supporting assembly and inspection tasks with digital solutions, and building a real ecosystem to answer to the challenges of Industry 4.0

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Digital solutions for a performance 4.0

Digital-Assisted Operator

Human operations guided step by step through digital contents
    • Digital interactive work instructions
    • Contextualized information
    • Automated assistance for defect detection
    • Field data capture, publication and exploitation

Digital-Based Robotics Operations

Robotic operations without programming based on digital data

  • Automated trajectory planning
  • Automated control and supervision
  • Automated acquisitions, inspection and analysis
  • Field data capture, publication and exploitation
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Build and customize applications based on Diota’s framework, manage IT integration and data workflow
  • Data workflow management
  • Customization and creation of apps to specific business needs
  • Connection to existing systems and processes
  • Integration of external algorithms and 4.0 technologies

Results & Benefits

Experience Immediate Gains

  • Optimizing cycle times and skill ramp-up
  • Reducing lead time costs
  • Enabling right-the-first time operations
  • Reducing non-conformity costs
  • Improving visibility of products and processes
  • Reducing cost of wrongly informed decision-making
  • Optimize synergies between existing systems and newly deployed technologies.

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